“I really appreciate the way CF gracefully handled every one of my curveballs this year! Shipment to India? No problem! Pre-stage at the CF warehouse in LA? No problem! Blown console in Brussels? No problem! You guys are the best and make it look easy when it certainly is not, I truly appreciate your support and it's a real pleasure working with you.”
Matt Diggs
Event Technical Supervisor
Avid Technology, Inc.
    “Confirmed has always been available (24/7) for customer support and working with the carriers to make sure the freight moves to meet its deadlines. Ken Grossman (Owner) is truly an expert at what he does and Ken has passed on his knowledge and expertise onto his staff. I would highly recommend Confirmed Freight.”
Gregg Popovich
Directory of Logistical Operations
National Micro Rentals
“I've been using Confirmed Freight for the last two years and they have always gone the extra mile to provide professional and most important timely service. I've availed myself of their services primarily to handle our TV review program, a program that often requires white glove service and the ability to be flexible. On both counts Confirmed Freight has proven to be a valuable asset.”
Jeff Samuels
Director of Marketing
    “There are many freight companies and they all get stuff from here to there and back again. But when things get complicated it has been my experience that Confirmed Freight comes out ahead of the rest.”
Joel Ordesky
Executive in charge of Producion
Wexler Video
“There are always going to be issues when shipping things, and although we have had very few with Confirmed Freight - they have always resolved them in a timely and satisfactory manner. We switched to Confirmed Freight because we had so much equipment arrive on site damaged with our last carrier. We have had minimal issues with this with Confirmed. Further more, the service we receive from Ken and his team is always excellent.”
Corey Tedrow
Operations Manager
Avid Technology, Inc.
    “The service we receive from Confirmed Freight is the best I have experienced in my 30 years in business. Their consistent attention to detail and commitment is rarely seen in the shipping world. I highly recommend them to my clients who have specific deadlines and need dependable service.”
Vincent Calzone
Vice President
Calzone Case Company